Moving meshes

Sometimes, it is necessary to calculate equation in moving domains. In OOCSMP we can apply several operations (rotation, displacements and scale) to the meshes in the simulation loop. It is also possible to concatenate or detach several meshes.
Next there are two examples of moving meshes. In the first, two pieces approach until they collide and then move away until a certain distance, then the proccess is repeated. In the second the rotation operation is applied to a grid.

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1-d Heat Equation
2-d steady state Heat Equation
2-d Heat Equation
1-d non diffusive transport equation
1-d diffusive transport equation
2-d Non diffusive transport equation
Mesh generation with OOCSMP
Moving grids
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Heating of two beams
Heating of two moving beams
Solving the equation Ut+Uxx+Uxy+Uyx=0
Solving the equation Ut+Uxx+Uxy+Uyx=0 using MGEN
Heat 1d using several outputs
Solving the Heat equation with a CA
Comparing a CA with the FEM
Gordon's sine equation

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