The course pages

The course pages are composed of a brief text description, perhaps with some figure, graphic or table. All but the 3-D graphics are static. The 3D graphic is able to:

The course pages are also composed of simulations, that will be explaind in the following sections

The simulations

In the upper side of each simulation applet, you can find two widgets to control the simulation time. The first one indicates the actual time, the second one, the final time. When the simulation ends, you can change this final time using the scroll.
In the lower side, there are buttons to control the simulation execution. Simulation starts pressing the Continue button, simulation can be stopped at any time by pressing the Stop button. The simulation can be continued by pressing the Continued button. The Restart button initializes all the simulation parameters, and starts the simulation again at TIME equal to zero.
The Globals button is used to change the value of the global variables in the simulation. Similar buttons can appear if there is some object in the simulation.

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