Grid Generation

The next is an applet that shows some of the OOCSMP domain-primitives. It generates an interpolation 10x15 mesh for every domain.

The next applet generates a delaunay triangulation for every domain.

The next applet meshes an arc. This mesh is composed of three basic domains : two quadrilaterals and a circular sector.

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FEM (i)
FEM (ii)
FDM (i)
Example pages:
1-d Heat Equation
2-d steady state Heat Equation
2-d Heat Equation
1-d non diffusive transport equation
1-d diffusive transport equation
2-d Non diffusive transport equation
Mesh generation with OOCSMP
Moving grids
Application pages:
Heating of two beams
Heating of two moving beams
Solving the equation Ut+Uxx+Uxy+Uyx=0
Solving the equation Ut+Uxx+Uxy+Uyx=0 using MGEN
Heat 1d using several outputs
Solving the Heat equation with a CA
Comparing a CA with the FEM
Gordon's sine equation

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