Somatodendritic Currents and Spike Direction

This page contains a detailed description of the model used in the paper "Structural Inhomogeneities Differentially Modulate Action Currents and Population Spikes Initiated in the Axon or Dendrites" J. Neurophysiol. 88(5): 2809-2820 by L. López-Aguado, J. M. Ibarz, P. Varona and O. Herreras. Particularly, the complete Hodgking-Huxley type description of the ionic channels is shown in cellular biophysics and the exact distribution, with values for the maximum conductances and the electrotonic parameters for the neuron, is depicted in neuron scripts.



This page should be read along with the paper for a better understanding.


  • Model of the dorsal CA1 region
  • Simulation of the field potentials and CSD analysis
  • CA1 single neuron model
  • Cellular biophysics
    1. Soma and dendrite channels
    2. Axon channels
    3. Ca dynamics
  • Stimuli simulation and computational methods
  • Neuron scripts
  • Contact addresses
  • Bibliography