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Short biography

I was born in Madrid and raised in San Fernando de Henares. I started my Telecommunications Engineering studies in 1994 at ETSI Telecomunicacion, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. During my studies, I worked in several companies as a part-time internship (De La Rue Cash Systems, RYMSA and Telefonica R&D). I finished my studies in 2001, while I was already working at the Spanish mobile operator Amena.

Two years after, in January 2003, I decided to start my Ph. D. studies at ATVS (Speech and Signal Processing Group), at DIAC department of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. I work under the supervision of  Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez-Rodriguez. In October 2003 I obtained a Ph. D. scholarship from Comunidad Autonoma de Madrid (CAM). In late 2004 we moved our whole lab to Escuela Politecnica Superior, at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM). I have obtained my Ph. D. degree there in December the 20th 2007. From 2011, I am an Associate Professor (tenured) at the UAM.

My research interests are focused on signal processing, pattern recognition and Bayesian statistics, with applications to biometric systems and forensic interpretation. I currently participate in public and private projects and contracts related to these topics.

Apart from the Ph. D. Scholarship from Comunidad Autonoma de Madrid (CAM), I have received several awards and distinctions, such as the IBM Research Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE Odyssey 2006 international conference, or the COIT - BANESTO award to the Best PhD Thesis on Information and Communication Technologies applied to Banking. Also, I regularly participate in international evaluations of speaker and language recognition technology, such as NIST SRE since 2004, NIST LRE since 2007, NFI-TNO Forensic SRE 2003 or the Albayzin evaluations from the Spanish RTTH. My students are also recipient of several awards to research papers and academic Theses. I am also used to participate in different committees in national and international events, and I am often invited to give talks in different scientific fora. I am a member of the IEEE and ISCA.