Environmental Sensors Group

Escuela Politécnica Superior

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


The environmental sensors group investigates new detection technologies for the monitoring of trace gases and the analysis of gas mixtures, as they occur in real scenarios.

The focus is on climate-relevant and health-endangering gases occurring in natural or industrial processes. The research results of the group pave the way for new applications, e.g. to increase the energy efficiency of buildings, in the large-scale monitoring of greenhouse gases or in the optimization of biogas production.

The application-oriented basic research aims to develop new sensing techniques in the laboratory as well as the evaluation of their performance in the real-world scenarios. To this end, field deployments are done as soon as possible, which helps to translate lab-solutions into applications quickly. In doing so, the group works closely with end users from different industries to facilitate efficient knowledge and technology transfer.

For gas detection and analysis, both photonic and solid state based technologies are used. Currently, the focus is on new approaches to Raman spectroscopy of gases, photoacoustics and novel types of metal oxide based gas sensors.

These topics are being researched by an interdisciplinary team of physicists, chemists and engineers. The group was founded in 2012 by Stefan Palzer and currently includes two senior researchers, two junior researchers and three research students.

Research activities are supported via third-party funding from the Community of Madrid, the European Union, as well as industry.