The Generalized Image Charge Method (GICM) is a package for calculating electrostatic potential and vertical force in Electrostatic Force Microscopy (EFM) configurations.

The most relevant features of GICM are:

- Electrostatic potential and force calculations optimized for EFM configurations involving distances that differs more than three orders of magnitude

- Friendly graphic interface for windows.

- Output files directly exportable to WSxM format.

- Artificial Intelligence engine that automatically configures the GICM for its best performance in the geometry selected by the user.

The main details of the method can be found in the documentation below or in the following references:

G. M. Sacha, E. Sahagún and J. J. Sáenz. Journal of Applied Physics 101, 024310 (2007)

G. M. Sacha, F. B. Rodríguez, E. Serrano and P. Varona. Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications 24, 1145 (2010)

These references must be cited in any paper or other academic publication containing results wholly or partially derived from the results of use of the GICM package.

Electrostatic potential distribution for the GICM default values. The image has been obtained with the WSxM package



winGICM for windows: Windows interface of the GICM v1.01 powered by Artificial Neural Networks. The package includes the graphic interface (Visual GICM) and the executable file of GICM v1.01.

GICM v1.0 source code: Fortran source code and input file of GICM v1.0 Beta.

winGICM v1.0 quick start: Short tutorial that guides shows the users how to generate an equipotential distribution and a Force vs Distance curve with WSxM.

GICM online: Online version of the winGICM v1.0 software.

winGICM interface