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Escuela Politécnica Superior—Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Short Biography


José A. Macías started his faculty career in 1998 in the Escuela Universitaria de Ingeniería Técnica de Telecomunicación at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He studied the doctoral courses at the Faculty of Computer Science at the same University and, later on, he moved to the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid where he obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science and permanent position as TU (Associate Professor). His principal research area of interest is Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), comprising techniques and tools to build user interfaces (UI) that can help users with their problem-solving activities. His research topics are related, but not limited, to: User Experience, Usability, User-Centered Design, Synergies between Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering, End-User Development, Intelligent User Interfaces, UI for the Semantic Web, Model-Based UI Design, Knowledge-Based UI Design and Web-based interfaces. He has attended and joined several national and international prestigious conferences, as member of the program committee and review board, such as UIST, IUI, CADUI and CHI among others. Additionally, he has participated in the organization of conferences such as Interacción 2007, ACM Intelligent User Interfaces 2008 and Interacción 2013. José A. Macías is part of different national and international associations, such as AIPO, where he participates in the steering committee as President, and ACM-SIGCHI, where he participated as co-chair. Furthermore, José A. Macías is author of a great number of publications in prestigious HCI conferences, books and journals. He also obtained  outstanding academic awards such as the "Outstanding Paper Award" conferred by IEEE Neural Networks Society. Besides, José A. Macías has carried out collaborations and stays in different universities and research centres such as the Universidad Nacional de Rosario in Argentina, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, the University of Oslo and the ISTI-CNR (Institute of Information Science and Technologies, National Research Council.) in Pisa, Italy.