Dr. Iván Cantador
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I am Associate Professor at the High Polytechnic School of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), and a member of the Information Retrieval Group (IRG@UAM) directed by Prof. Pablo Castells.

My scientific interests focus on Information Retrieval and Machine Learning. My current research lines fall in the Recommender Systemas and Natural Language Processing, with special interest in addressing problems and challenges in E-Government and Online Citizen Participation. More specificaly, among others, I am investigating models and methods for opinion and argument mining, conversational systems and data analysis in the above areas.

In my PhD, I studied hybrid recommendation models that make use of ontology-based user and group profiles, and semantic Communities of Interest.

Some topics in which I work and have worked on are:

  • Information Retrieval and Recommender Systems

    • Search and recommendation exploiting user-generated content
    • Context-aware recommendation
    • Cross-domain recommendation
    • Evaluation of recommender systems
  • E-government

    • E-participatory budgeting platforms: recommender systems and conversational systems
    • Open Government Data: conversational systems and data analysis
    • Smart cities: recommender systems and citizen partipation
    • Parliamentary texts: semantic-based information retrieval
  • Social Semantic Web

    • Content retrieval and recommendation in social media
    • Semantic-based content retrieval and recommendation
    • Analysis and processing of social tags
    • Automatic ontology population
  • Machine Learning

    • Classifier ensembles
    • Artificial neural networks
    • Clustering algorithms
    • Imbalanced classification problems