Álvaro Barbero Jiménez

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Álvaro Barbero Jiménez
Escuela Politécnica Superior / Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
C/Tomás y Valiente, 11 28049 Madrid, Spain
Building B, 5th Floor (IIC)
E-mail: alvaro dot barbero at uam dot es
  or       alvaro dot barbero at uam dot iic dot es


I currently hold a Researcher-Developer position at Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento (IIC), as well as being a research collaborator of the Machine Learning Group (GAA) at EPS-UAM.

My research interests are:

In the past I have also worked in the fields of wind and solar power forecasting, Brain-Computer Interfaces, seizure detection and Metaheuristics.

Some relevant publications of mine:
Code implementing some of the methods presented in these papers is available at GAA's webpage.

My PhD and master theses are also available here:


Actualmente no imparto docencia en EPS-UAM.

Enlaces a asignaturas que he impartido en cursos anteriores: